Russian cuisine
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to the world of the Russian cuisine!
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Russian cuisine boasts lots of various appetizers and salads. Usually these dishes are prepared wit...
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Soup is the one dish that is an integral part of a dinner table in Russia. Russian soups can be hot...
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Beef and pork dishes are the most common in the Russian cuisine while lamb is used less often. When...
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There are hundreds of delicious chicken recipes in the Russian cuisine. A whole chicken or its part...
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Saltwater and freshwater fish is a staple in the Russian cuisine. The variety of fish dishes is end...
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Typical Russian side dishes are either kashas made from rice, buckwheat or barley, or stewed, roaste...
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You can’t imagine the Russian cuisine without its bakery goodies: pancakes, pies large and small wit...
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Kompots (fruit drinks), smoothies and kissels are made from fresh, frozen or dried fruit and berries...
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Vitamin Salad
This salad is traditionally made in early spring in Russia.
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Sauerkraut Schi (Russian Traditional Soup)
Sauerkraut is a necessary ingredient of this traditional Russian soup.
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Pelmeni (Meat Dumplings)
The dough is what really makes pelmeni what they are. The classical recipe includes flour, salt, wat...
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Chicken Filet in Heavy Cream
This is a very quick and easy dish.
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Fish in Marinade
This dish can be served hot as a main course or cold as an appetizer (refrigerating it overnight wil...
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Pearl Barley Kasha
For some reason, pearl barley kasha is like a Cinderella of porridges: it’s too simple and cheap. I...
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Charlotte Apple Pie
The fall is the season for harvesting apples and making this quick and simple apple pie.
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Fresh Apples and Dried Apricots Kompot
Russian Fruit Drink
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Olivier Salad (Russian Meat Salad)
In the rest of the world this salad is probably the most well-known as “Russian salad”, but in Russi...
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Schi and borsch are quite similar, however, schi is a typical Russian dish while borsch was adopted ...
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Meat Burgers with Egg
Оven-baked burgers with delicious crispy filling.
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Chicken on a Jar
The chicken should be crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.
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Beer Battered Cod
Beer batter always comes out great: it’s fluffy, golden and delicious.
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Buckwheat Kasha
Buckwheat kasha is made of buckwheat groats and is one of the most well-known Russian dishes. Along ...
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Cabbage Pirozhki
Russian pirozhki are little pies – made from dough with various fillings. They can have a variety of...
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Dried Fruit Kompot (Russian Fruit Drink)
Dried fruit mix is usually a mixture of cut-up apples, pears, apricots, grapes and other fruit or be...
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Vinegret Salad
This salad is made of vegetables, traditionally stored in autumn to be consumed during winter: potat...
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Split Pea Soup
This thick pureed soup is very popular in Russia. It’s made from yellow split peas with various smok...
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Kotlety (Fried Meat Burgers)
Serve the kotlety with a salad, any side dish or sauce.
Как увидеть рецепт на русском языке?
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Chicken Leg Quarters Stuffed with Mushrooms
juicy filling and no bones.
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Cod Burgers
this way you can make burgers from any fish.
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Buckwheat Kasha with Mushrooms
This is a great Lenten vegetarian dish.
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Kefir (Buttermilk) Pancakes
Ideal pancakes – that’s how we call these.
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Lingonberry (Cranberry) Drink
This is a delicious beverage made from fresh or frozen cranberries. It’s even better to use the froz...
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Chicken LegQuarters Stuffed with Eggs and Green Onion
Another recipe for making boneless chicken legs.
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Summer Vegetable Salad
Vegetable salads are especially popular in the summertime when fresh seasonal vegetables are sold ev...
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Mixed Meat Solyanka
thick soup with smoked meat and sausages.
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Beef Stroganoff
Beef Stroganoff is probably one of the most famous among the Russian culinary classics.
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Fish Burgers Stuffed with Cod Liver
Serve the burgers with any side dish or a vegetable salad.
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Oven-Baked Squash Ragout
a great recipe for a side dish or a complete vegetarian meal.
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Blini (Pancakes) with Milk
Blini (pancakes) are a staple of the Russian cuisine. They can be made in different ways: with milk,...
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Raspberry Kissel
Kissel is a traditional Russian thick dessert drink. It can be made with any berries, berry syrups o...
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Crabmeat Salad
Perfect proportions - great taste.
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Rassolnik Leningrad Style
another strange Russian soup with a very interesting and rich taste.
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Meatballs in Tomato Sauce
These meatballs are often called «porcupines» – because of the sticking-out rice grains. They are ve...
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Chicken Schnitzel
juicy chicken in a crispy crust.
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Stewed Cabbage
Another way to make kale delicious and vegetarian.
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Deep-Fried Pirozhki with Potatoes and Mushroom
These deep-fried pirozhki are a traditional Russian dish. The dough is very simple; you will enjoy w...
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Herring under Vegetable Coat
There is no classic recipe for this dish. Just like with borsch – every cook has her own «perfect» r...
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Chicken Soup with Homemade Noodles
Serve in individual bowls and enjoy!
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Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
To make this, you will need a head of cabbage no smaller than 2 pounds. However, we will use only a ...
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Mashed Potatoes
Mashed potatoes are probably the most beloved and popular side dish in Russian cuisine. They are ser...
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Easter Bread (Kulitch)
Easter cakes are usually made from yeast batter. This allows them to stay fresh and soft longer whic...
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Eggplant Caviar
This is a delicious appetizer served hot or cold.
Перевод можно на русск.язык?
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Country Mushroom Soup
The dried mushroom soup is sometimes referred to as “the black soup” due to the dark color the mushr...
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Stuffed Peppers
This is a very popular Russian dish. If available, please substitute the cubanelle peppers for the b...
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Fried Potato Circles (Home Fries)
Fried potatoes (or “kartoshka zharenaya” in Russian) are a long-time favorite – as a side dish or ev...
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Sauerkraut Pie
This pie is very simple and quick to make. It’s so easy and delicious, you will love it.
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Mushroom Julienne
Whenever you encounter a “julienne” dish in the Russian cuisine, you’re going to see hot appetizers ...
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Solyanka Fish Soup
This is a modern version of an old Russian soup, that comes out invariably delicious. It cooks very ...
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Pork Chops
Pork chops are very easy to make. The most important part is to pound the meat well and not to overc...
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Danish Pastries with Farmer’s Cheese (Vatrushki)
Sweet bun with farmer's cheese filling.
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Carrots Korean Style
No Description
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Okroshka (Cold Soup with Kvass)
This traditional Russian soup is perfect for the hot summer days. It can be prepared in advance so t...
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Oven-Baked Stew
A great way to cook meat and potatoes in the oven. Nice family dinner.
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Cold Borsch with Kefir (Buttermilk)
Cold soups in general are extremely popular in the Russian summertime cuisine, and this cold borsch ...
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Stolichny (Capital) Salad
This salad is very similar to the famous Olivier (Russian salad) – the only two differences are that...
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Mushroom Solyanka Soup
This is one of the most delicious Lenten soups. It is prepared with three types of mushrooms – dried...
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Liver Stew with Sour Cream
great option for dinner.
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Chicken Kiev
The famous Chicken Kiev is made from a piece of chicken meat on the bone. To make this dish you will...
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Fried Flounder
with a secret Russian addition.
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Roasted Cauliflower
This recipe is as simple as it is delicious. Another advantage is that there’s no need for pre-boili...
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King Vatrushka (Cheese Cake)
A pastry made with farmer’s cheese is traditionally called “vatrushka” in Russia. This one is truly ...
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Pear and Caramel Kompot (Russian Fruit Drink)
This is a very simple yet delicious drink. The coolest thing about is that you can use any kind of p...
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Open-faced Appetizer Sandwiches with Smoked Salmon
These sandwiches are as delicious as they’re easy to prepare.
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Tartlets with Red Caviar
Red caviar is a traditional holiday appetizer. It is served on small open-faced sandwiches or tiny t...
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Canapés with Herring and Rye Bread
Great snack for hard drinks
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Egg Salad in Tartlets
This salad is as simple and easy to prepare as it is elegant when served in tartlets. It is a popula...
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Chicken Broth
Generally speaking, you can make chicken broth out of any kind of chicken or any chicken parts. Howe...
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Baked Burgers
Take out of the oven and serve immediately with any side dish or sauce.
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Classic Russian Burgers “Pozharskie”
The butter will melt inside the burger and will spill out onto a plate when the burger is cut.
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Classic Salmon Burgers “Pozharskie”
These classic Russian burgers are made with a piece of butter inside. When cut in half, the burger r...
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Eggplant Ragout
This ragout makes an excellent side dish, or can be served on its own.
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Sugar Buns
These very simple ingredients will yield amazingly delicious buns!
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Milk Shake
This is a delicious and refreshing beverage that is extremely easy to prepare.
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Cabbage salad with Cucumber and Sweet Pepper
This is a colorful, delicious yet very healthy salad. It's perfect served on its own or as a garnish...
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Meatball Soup
The kids love this soup.
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Liver Pancakes
Delicate beef pancakes. Great dinner for offal lovers.
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Chicken Breast in Cheese Crust
This dish is delicious while incredibly easy to make. The cheese crust really dresses up an otherwis...
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Salmon Kebabs
very delicate taste.
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Split Pea Kasha
It can replace mashed potatoes on your menu.
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Crescents with Jam
These crescents are so delicate and delicious. All the recipes I’ve seen before recommended letting ...
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Liver and Mushroom Pate
the most delicious pate in your life.
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Cream of Mushroom Soup
This is an unbelievably delicious soup, besides it is very fast and simple to make.
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Pork Stew in Clay Pots
Another option for a delicious dinner.
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Chicken Cutlet in Eggs
tender chicken fillet "sealed" in an omelet.
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Cod in Sour Cream Sauce
great way to cook cod.
Image 96
Boiled Potatoes
Boiled potatoes (“varenaya kartoshka” in Russian) are one of the most wide-spread and simple side di...
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Syrniki (Fried Farmer Cheese Cakes)
the most popular Russian breakfast.